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Q. Why should I order baby formula directly from Europe?

A. We ship directly from Europe to ensure you receive the freshest formula possible. Typically, the shelf life for powdered milk products is short and in order to limit wasted warehouse storage times, we refresh our products frequently and ship to order from Europe. Your formula from Europe may take a little longer to arrive than an American brand you ordered locally but it will still be of fresher and higher quality.

Q. What’s the shelf life for milk formulas?

A. The average formula has a shelf storage life of 2 weeks once opened. We recommend you store opened formula in a glass or stainless steel container to keep it as fresh as possible, and to protect it from humidity and temperature fluctuations, which can impact freshness. If shelf life is a concern, you will be happy to know our HiPP formulas have a shelf life of 3 weeks!

Q. Should I boil the water I use to make formula?

A. Yes! Most U.S. and European formula manufacturers recommend boiling water to ensure that any bacteria in the water is eradicated. However, make sure to cool the water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit—the ideal temperature for mixing. It is also imperative that you cool the formula to body temperature, or 98-99 degrees Fahrenheit, after it is mixed, before feeding it to your baby.

Q. What is the proper water-to-formula ratio for serving?

A. The ratio is 1:1. One ounce of water per 1 scoop of formula.

Q. Which stage should I buy for my baby?

A. We offer different formulas for every stage of your baby’s development, with the appropriate nutritional combinations to suit the stage your baby is in. For babies from birth to 6 months of age, we recommend Stage Pre. Please check our product pages to find the formula stage most appropriate for your baby’s age.

Q. Are your products irradiated?

NO. All of our products are free from irradiation.

Q. Where are your products from?

A. We purchase our products from European distributors that are quality certified.

Q. When will you ship the products that I ordered?

A. We collect the orders from the U.S customers and ship out all our orders together every Tuesday at our German warehouse.

Q. How long will it take the products I ordered to arrive?

A. If you order a single item, it typically takes 2-5 days to arrive. Larger orders from our German warehouse may take 2-4weeks to arrive.

Q. What are the shipping costs?

A. Our shipping options include: All our products are free shipping!
• Domestic Shipping for Single Items via USPS and UPS. (Delivery times: 2-3 days)
• INTERNATIONAL FREE SHIPPING via UPS. (Delivery times range from 8-15 business days)

Q. Will I have to pay import duties?

A. There are rare occasions where customs may charge extra fees. Custom policies vary greatly, depending on the country. Orders shipped outside the European Union may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees. Recipients may also be required to provide an order ID number. Since we cannot predict import fees for all customers, any resulting costs are the responsibility of the customer.

Q. What happens if my order is late, or lost?

A. Fortunately, this does not happen very often. If it does, we will contact the shipping carrier and initiate an investigation. Investigations can take up to three weeks. Once we receive a claim confirmation from the carrier, we will issue you a refund.

Q. Will I receive a tracking number?

A. Yes. Once you’ve placed your order, we will email you a tracking number. It may take some time for your tracking number to register with the carrier, so if you do not see it immediately, be patient and try checking the tracking number a few hours later.

Q. Why can’t I see my tracking information?

A. In some cases, tracking information may not update immediately. This is often the case with “climate neutral” shipments. But do not worry! Your product is most likely on its way! There may not be tracking information available while your products are in international transit, but they will show up again once the package reaches your country. If you do not see any tracking information for over two weeks, please contact us, and we will do our best to assist you.

Q. What happens if the products I receive are damaged?

A. If you need to return the products you ordered, please email us as soon as possible with your order number. If your product is damaged, please include a photo of the damage product so we can verify and provide feedback to our shipping carrier. Then, a return shipping label will be sent to you, and a carrier pickup will be scheduled. Once we receive your product, we will ship a replacement to you immediately (as long as it is readily in stock). If it is not readily in stock, we will refund your payment, and the credit will appear on your statement within 72 hours.

Q. When will I receive my formula?

A. We know how important it is for you to receive your formula as soon as possible. After all, babies are always hungry! Rest assured that we will do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible. However, shipping times varies greatly with international shipping. We will do everything we can to assist you in the process.


A. If you want single box orders, we recommend ordering quickly. Single orders are in high demand. We do not have a limit on purchase quantity. It just depends on stock availability.

What's the difference between HiPP Pre and Hipp stage 1 ?

The only difference between Hipp pre and Hipp stage 1 is that Hipp pre does not contain starch.

Where to buy hipp formula?

You can buy HiPP formula at Euromallusa.com. They offer a wide range of HiPP products suitable for different stages of your baby's development.

Where can i buy hipp formula?

You can buy HiPP formula at Euromallusa.com. They offer a wide range of HiPP products suitable for different stages of your baby's development.

Is Hipp formula fda approved?

HiPP formula is not FDA approved because it is manufactured in Europe and meets European standards, which differ from U.S. regulations. European baby formulas like HiPP are not officially approved by the FDA for sale in the U.S. market. However, they are legally sold through channels that comply with the FDA's personal importation guidelines, which allow U.S. residents to import formula for personal use. Always ensure that you buy from reputable sources to guarantee you're getting authentic and safely handled products.

How to make a hipp formula?

To prepare HiPP baby formula, follow these general steps. However, always refer to the packaging instructions specific to the product you have, as preparation may vary slightly between different formulas: Wash Your Hands and Sterilize Equipment: Ensure that your hands and all equipment (bottles, teats, and rings) are clean and sterilized before preparing the formula. Boil Water: Boil fresh water and then let it cool down to at least 158°F (70°C). This temperature is critical to kill any harmful bacteria in the powder. Measure Water: Pour the required amount of cooled boiled water into the sterilized bottle. The exact amount of water you need will depend on the feeding guide on the formula packaging. Add Formula Powder: Using the scoop provided with the formula, add the correct number of scoops to the water. Level off each scoop with the back of a clean, dry knife or the leveling tool provided. Do not press the powder into the scoop. Shake Well: Cap the bottle and shake well until all the powder is dissolved. Cool the Formula: Cool the formula to a safe feeding temperature by holding the bottle under cold running water or placing it in a container of cold or iced water. Test the Temperature: Test the temperature by shaking a few drops onto the inside of your wrist. It should feel lukewarm, not hot. Feed Immediately: Feed the prepared formula to your baby immediately. Discard any formula that has not been consumed within two hours. Store Safely: If you need to prepare formula in advance, store the sealed bottles in the back of the refrigerator at 35-39°F (2-4°C) for no longer than 24 hours. Preparing formula with care is important to ensure the safety and health of your baby. Always follow the specific guidelines provided by the formula manufacturer.