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Jovie Organic Cow Milk Formula Stage 1 (800g)

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Jovie Organic Cow Milk Formula Stage 1 (800g)

AGE: Suitable from Birth Onwards (0-6 Months)

Welcome to Jovie Cow — where exceptional European organic standards meet infant nutrition. At Jovie Cow, we recognize that while breastfeeding remains the gold standard, every family's situation is unique. Our Stage 1 Organic Cow Milk Formula provides a premium, organic alternative for newborns from birth up to 6 months.

Exclusively Organic: Crafted with care from organic full-cream milk, our formula is certified to comply with rigorous European organic regulations. It is meticulously formulated to ensure your baby receives all the necessary nutrients during their critical early months.

Nutritionally Complete: This formula is enriched with:

  • Organic GOS & FOS: Prebiotic dietary fibers to support digestive health.
  • Omega-3 DHA & Omega-6 ARA: Essential fatty acids to aid cognitive and visual development.
  • No Undesirable Additives: Free from palm oil, soy, fish allergens, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and sucrose for a purer formula.

Professional Guidance Recommended: We advise consulting with a healthcare professional before introducing this formula to ensure it meets your baby’s specific dietary needs. Follow preparation and storage instructions carefully to ensure optimal safety and benefit.

Packaging Integrity: While our tins are designed to maintain the highest quality standards, please note they may dent during transit. We guarantee the safety of the contents as long as the formula powder remains sealed from air. Dented tins are safe for use; however, returns and full refunds are available for unopened products should concerns arise. For alternative packaging, consider our boxed products.

Explore Quality Infant Nutrition with Jovie Cow: We are dedicated to supporting your feeding journey from day one. Trust Jovie Cow for a nourishing start to your baby’s life.

Key Certifications:

  • EU Organic Certified
  • Organic full cream milk as main ingredient
  • Organic GOS & FOS dietary fiber
  • Omega-3 DHA & omega-6 ARA
  • EU Organic
  • X Palm oil
  • X Soy or Fish allergens
  • X Corn syrup, Maltodextrin, Sucrose

        ORGANIC full cream milk; ORGANIC demineralized whey powder (milk); ORGANIC oil mixture (sunflower, rapeseed); ORGANIC galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) (milk); ORGANIC lactose (milk); ORGANIC fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS); oil from mortierella alpina (AA) (milk); oil from microalgae schizochytrium sp. (DHA) (milk); MINERALS (calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, calcium hydroxide, sodium chloride, iron lactate, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, sodium selenate); VITAMINS (ascorbic acid, dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, niacinamide, calcium-d-pantothenate, retinyl acetate, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, phytomenadione, cholecalciferol, biotin);  L-cystine, L-choline-bitartrate,  L-tryptophan, L-tyrosin, taurine, inositol, cytidine 5´-monophosphate, uridine 5´-monophosphate, inosine 5´-monophosphate, adenosine 5´-monophosphate, guanosine 5´-monophosphate.

        Milk and milk products (including lactose)

        Please keep in mind that this product is made to meet European standard for iron and other nutritional criteria. Because there is no global standard for such nutritional qualities, these requirements may vary by country. Customers in Australia, Canada the United States, and China may need additional supplements to match local dietary recommendations.

        Nutritional Values

        Per 100ml or 3.38 oz/3 oz prepared
        Energy 275kj/66kcal
        Fat 3.6g
        of which saturated fatty acids 0.9g
        of which mono-unsaturated fatty acids 2.1g
        of which poly-unsaturated fatty acids 0.6g
        Linoleic acid 568mg
        α-Linolenic acid 41mg
        Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 14mg
        Arachidonic acid (AA) 14mg
        Carbohydrates 6.8g
        of which sugars 6.8g
        Lactose 6.6g
        Dietary Fibre (GOS&FOS) 0.3g
        Protein 1.4g
        Vitamin A 54µg-RE
        Vitamin D3 1.6µg
        Vitamin E 1.6mg α-TE
        Vitamin K1 8.4µg
        Vitamin B1 83µg
        Vitamin B2 191µg
        Vitamin B3 0.43mg
        Vitamin B6 54µg
        Folate 24µg-DFE
        Pantothenic acid 0.6mg
        Vitamin B12 0.1µg
        Biotin 1.6µg
        Vitamin C 10.3mg
        Sodium 26mg
        Potassium 72mg
        Chloride 49mg
        Calcium 65mg
        Phosphorus 35mg
        Magnesium 7.0mg
        Iron 0.6mg
        Iodine 13µg
        Zinc 0.5mg
        Manganese 19µg
        Selenium 3.7µg
        Copper 48µg
        Taurine 4.6mg
        Carnitine 2.0µg
        Choline 19mg
        Inositol 7mg
        Nucleotides 19mg
        Fluoride <6.6µg




        Preparation for all powdered formulas (also consistent with US FDA guidelines):

        STEP 1: Bring water to be used up to a rolling boil. Pour water into sterilized bottle and then cool to between 104 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit in the refrigerator.

        STEP 2: Pour 3/4 of the water into another sterilized bottle and add formula according to the above chart. For proper measurement and the health of your baby, use the spoon included with the formula. Each spoon should be filled flat and not heaping.

        STEP 3: Close the bottle tightly and shake the powder until it is completely dissolved.

        STEP 4: Add the remaining boiled water from the second bottle until the bottle is full to the recommended level (see chart). And shake again.

        STEP 5: Cool the freshly made formula until it is the right temperature, usually around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. To prevent burns, test the formula on your forearm to make sure that it is not too hot.



        • Expiration date is indicated on each box and sealed bag
        • Keep away from heat and humidity
        • Discard mixed unconsumed formula after 1 hour
        • Once formula bag is open, use within the next 3 weeks.
        • If formula unopened / sealed, use before expiration date.
        • Formula is best when stored in stainless steel or glass containers
        • Always prepare fresh food for your baby. Do not use leftovers.
        • To avoid the danger of overheating, do not heat your baby’s milk in the microwave
        <6.6 LBS 2 2 7
        6.6LBS -7.7LBS 3 3 6
        7.7LBS - 8.8LBS 4 4 5
        8.8 LBS - 11LBS 5 5 5
        > 11LBS 6 6


        Please Note:

        • Once the inner foil bag containing your formula has been opened, use it within 2-3 weeks. Do not store in areas with high humidity or heat.
        • Please consume the formula within one hour of its preparation. Any unused prepare formula should be discarded within one hour.
        • Please do not microwave bottles or formula.

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