Élhée Baby Bottle 150ml - 05 Oz/ Medium Flow

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Élhée Baby Bottle 150ml - 05 Oz/ Medium Flow


The 150 ml biBronds are supplied with a one size teat (0-24 months) medium flow, ideal for infant milk or water. Baby bottle made of pure silicone, new generation medical grade, the Élhée BibRond does not contain bisphenol A (BPA), bisphenol S (BPS) or other substances that may harm the health of babies. Its unique and patented closure system excludes any risk of milk and its nutrients coming into contact with materials other than those of the silicone bottle and teat (zero contact with plastic).


• Teat: physiological and extra-soft anti-colic, with standard wide neck (interchangeable).

• Ergonomic design: semi-rigid bottle for a perfect grip

• Easy to maintain: bottle compatible with dishwasher, microwave, freezer, sterilizer and bottle warmer (Maternity by Bébé Confort and Baby Milk Second by Béaba)

More than 70% of domestic baby bottles are made using relatively inexpensive plastic materials.  If hot formula comes in contact with the plastic container, microplastic may melt and your baby can consume it while bottle-feeding.

Élhée bottles are made from the highest quality medical grade silicone, proven safe, and are now used in infant hospitals across Europe.

Silicone material can be used safely while bottle feeding and can be sterilized in boiling water without worrying about microplastics.

Elhee baby bottles can be sterilized without worrying about microplastics and harmful chemicals.

When sterilizing in boiling water, disassemble all parts and boil the bottle for 3 minutes, the pacifier for 1 minute, and colored parts for 30 seconds.

The unique shape of Élhée's  baby bottle is inspired by the shape of a mother’s womb, the nurturing breats, and the shape of an arm that holds them.
The curved design and soft touch resemble the mother’s breasts and are familiar to the baby compared to the traditional cylindrical baby bottles.

Made with the highest quality medical silicone, the Elele nipple is extremely soft to the touch and ergonomically designed to adapt to the baby's oral structure. Elhee is available in three sizes to choose according to the baby’s needs and the purpose of lactation.



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