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 Bathing fun guaranteed: Water turns green

NEW: now with nice hippopotamus shape "Hippo

  • free from allergy suspicious fragrances, emulsifiers and parabens
  • mild to the eye with particularly mild washing substances

Free from paraffin oil and essential oils.

Only three to four splashes of the bath additive colour the water wonderfully green and at the same time provide plenty of creamy soft foam in the tub. While the children splash around with the little hippo in the shimmering green bathing water, dive down or form foam figures, the bathing time flies by. The very mild washing substances of the children's bath gently clean the skin and leave a pleasantly delicate scent on the skin.

Children's bath with particularly mild washing substances

According to the current state of research, it is important not to rely solely on water when cleaning delicate children's skin, because water alone dries out the skin permanently. Mild washing and bath products prevent the skin from drying out by supporting the natural protective layer of the skin. The new HiPP children's bath with particularly skin-friendly washing substances gently cleanses and cares for sensitive children's skin. As always, HiPP does without skin irritating substances: The sensitive formula of the bath additive is pH-neutral, soap-free and free of paraffin oil, essential oils, parabens, silicones and animal raw materials. The HiPP children's bath not only protects the skin's natural acid mantle when bathing, but also minimises allergy risks.

Especially skin-friendly care for sensitive skin

HiPP Baby Gentle was developed to minimize allergy risks for particularly sensitive skin from the very beginning. That's why HiPP consistently avoids allergy-suspicious and undesirable substances such as essential oils, parabens, paraffin oil and many more.

Valuable organic almond oil nourishes and protects delicate skin naturally. Trust HiPP Baby Gentle because there's nothing in it that isn't baby gentle.

What is so special about baby skin?

Baby skin is much thinner than adult skin and at the same time the horny layer is looser structured and less resistant. The barrier effect of the horny layer against harmful substances is thus less developed and the skin reacts more sensitively to environmental influences.

The natural protective acid mantle of the skin only forms in newborns after a few weeks and regenerates much more slowly in older children than in adults. It has an important task to keep bacteria and pathogens away.

The horny layer of children's skin has a higher moisture content than that of adults. At the same time, however, sebum production in children is still greatly reduced. As a result, baby and child skin is only covered with a very thin water-fat film and can dry out easily. In addition, the protection against cold and injuries is lower.

Why baby care products at all?

After birth, the baby's skin must quickly adapt to a new environment. After many months in the amniotic fluid, it must now adapt to the air and external environmental influences.

For some time it was said that baby care could be done without care and washing products. In the meantime, however, we know that washing only with water dries out the baby's skin. However, as baby skin is very sensitive, it does not tolerate the same care products as adult skin.

For this reason, HiPP has developed our especially mild baby care HiPP Baby Gentle, which is completely free of unwanted substances and takes into account the special needs of sensitive baby skin.

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