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HiPP Beetroot-Vegetable With Apple And Beef Puree 220G (6440)

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HiPP Spaghetti With Tomatoes And Mozzarella 220G (6400)

Introducing HiPP Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Mozzarella, the perfect meal for your little ones! Made with organic ingredients and carefully crafted to provide your baby with all the nutrients they need, this puree is a delicious and healthy option for babies 8 months and older.

Our spaghetti puree is made with a low salt content, ensuring that your baby's delicate system is not overloaded with unnecessary sodium. Plus, it contains alpha-linolenic acid, an Omega-3 fatty acid, which has been shown to contribute to brain and nerve tissue development, making it a great choice for your baby's growing mind.

We understand the importance of learning to chew, which is why our puree comes with delicate chunks that your baby can practice chewing on, helping them develop their oral motor skills. And, unlike many other baby foods, we don't add any flavourings, preservatives, colouring agents, or thickening agents, ensuring that your baby is only getting the best and most natural ingredients.

Our HiPP Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Mozzarella is not only delicious but also convenient for busy parents. Each jar contains 220g of puree, making it easy to grab and go, or to store in the pantry for those moments when you need a quick and healthy meal for your little one.

Don't wait any longer to give your baby the best start in life! Try HiPP Spaghetti with Tomatoes and Mozzarella today and watch as your little one enjoys a nutritious and delicious meal.

Order now and experience the joy of feeding your baby the best organic spaghetti puree on the market.


You can mix and match any three flavors of Purees from the below lists for the box of 18 jars order.


6 Jars x  HiPP Banana and Pear with Wholemeal Cereal Puree 190 g

6 Jars x  HiPP Apple and Banana with Grain Puree 190 g

6 Jars x  HiPP Fruits with Whole Grain Puree 190 g

Please message at if you would like to mix and match 18 purees.

HiPP Banana and Pear with Wholemeal Cereal Puree 190 g 4830
HiPP Apple and Banana with Grain Puree 190 g 4803
HiPP Fruits with Whole Grain Puree 190 g 4800
HiPP Apple and Banana with Biscuits Puree 190 g 4710
HiPP Carrots and Potatoes with Chicken Puree 190 g 6264
HiPP Vegetables with Rice and Chicken Puree 190 g 6250
HiPP Gentle Vegetables, Potatoes with Veal Puree 190 g 6153
HiPP Carrots and Potatoes with Lamb Meat Puree 190 g 6123
HiPP Carrots with Potatoes and Wild Salmon Puree 190 g 6105
HiPP Vegetable Soup with Veal 190 g 7983
HiPP Spaghetti Bolognese puree 190 g 6230
HiPP a Small Confection of Pastry Pancakes with Apple Sauce Puree 200 g 5100
HiPP Noodles with Creamy Vegetables Puree 220 g 6403
HiPP Spaghetti With Tomatoes And Mozzarella 220 g 6400
HiPP Beetroot-Vegetable with Apple and Beef Puree 220 g 6440
HiPP Pasta with Fish Broccoli and Cream Puree 220 g 6550
HiPP Noodles with Ham and Vegetables Puree 220 g 6540
HiPP Potatoes Tomatoes and Chicken Puree 220 g 6510
HiPP Broccoli with Rice and Rabbit Puree 220 g 6433
HiPP Fine Vegetables and Rice with Veal 220 g 6413
HiPP Pumpkin with Potatoes And Organic Beef Puree 190 g 6270
HiPP Carrots with Rice and Wild Salmon Puree 220 g 6535
HiPP Rice with Carrots and Organic Turkey 220 g 6530
HiPP Mixed Vegetables with Beef Puree 220 g 6863
HiPP Tomatoes with Pasta and Veal Puree 220 g 6833
HiPP Pasta with Sea Fish and Vegetables in Tomato Sauce Puree 220 g 6823
HiPP Vegetables and Pasta with Chicken Puree 220 g 6803
HiPP Creamy Vegetables with Turkey Puree 220 g 6813
  • Suitable for babies from 8 months
  • Organic
  • With a low salt content
  • *alpha-linolenic acid, an Omega-3 fatty acid, contributes to brain and nerve tissue development
  • With delicate chunks – important for learning how to chew
  • No added flavouring, preservatives*, colouring agents*, thickening agents**


Vegetables* 61% (tomatoes* 31%, carrots*, courgettes*, onions*) spaghetti* cooked (durum wheat) 19%, skimmed milk*, mozzarella*(from cow’s milk), noodles* ground (durum wheat), rapeseed oil* 2%, skimmed milk powder*, spices* (oregano*, basil*, pepper*). Contains glutten.

* From organic production.


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