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HiPP Creamy Vegetables With Turkey Puree 220G (6813)

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HiPP Creamy Vegetables With Turkey Puree 220G (6813)

  • Low salt amount
  • Mixed up sandwiched puree
  • Diary products free
  • With omega-3 fatty acids
  • A diverse and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important
  • Omega-3 (ALR) fatty acids support normal brain and nervous system development
  • Talk about extra baby feeding with a doctor
  • Suitable for babies and young children from 12 month
  • Gluten-free
  • With soft pieces – to learn chew


You can mix and match any three flavors of Purees from the below lists for the box of 14 jars order.


6 Jars x  HiPP Banana and Pear with Wholemeal Cereal Puree 190 g

6 Jars x  HiPP Apple and Banana with Grain Puree 190 g

6 Jars x  HiPP Fruits with Whole Grain Puree 190 g

HiPP Banana and Pear with Wholemeal Cereal Puree 190 g 4830
HiPP Apple and Banana with Grain Puree 190 g 4803
HiPP Fruits with Whole Grain Puree 190 g 4800
HiPP Apple and Banana with Biscuits Puree 190 g 4710
HiPP Carrots and Potatoes with Chicken Puree 190 g 6264
HiPP Vegetables with Rice and Chicken Puree 190 g 6250
HiPP Gentle Vegetables, Potatoes with Veal Puree 190 g 6153
HiPP Carrots and Potatoes with Lamb Meat Puree 190 g 6123
HiPP Carrots with Potatoes and Wild Salmon Puree 190 g 6105
HiPP Vegetable Soup with Veal 190 g 7983
HiPP Spaghetti Bolognese puree 190 g 6230
HiPP a Small Confection of Pastry Pancakes with Apple Sauce Puree 200 g 5100
HiPP Noodles with Creamy Vegetables Puree 220 g 6403
HiPP Spaghetti With Tomatoes And Mozzarella 220 g 6400
HiPP Beetroot-Vegetable with Apple and Beef Puree 220 g 6440
HiPP Pasta with Fish Broccoli and Cream Puree 220 g 6550
HiPP Noodles with Ham and Vegetables Puree 220 g 6540
HiPP Potatoes Tomatoes and Chicken Puree 220 g 6510
HiPP Broccoli with Rice and Rabbit Puree 220 g 6433
HiPP Fine Vegetables and Rice with Veal 220 g 6413
HiPP Pumpkin with Potatoes And Organic Beef Puree 190 g 6270
HiPP Carrots with Rice and Wild Salmon Puree 220 g 6535
HiPP Rice with Carrots and Organic Turkey 220 g 6530
HiPP Mixed Vegetables with Beef Puree 220 g 6863
HiPP Tomatoes with Pasta and Veal Puree 220 g 6833
HiPP Pasta with Sea Fish and Vegetables in Tomato Sauce Puree 220 g 6823
HiPP Vegetables and Pasta with Chicken Puree 220 g 6803
HiPP Creamy Vegetables with Turkey Puree 220 g 6813

Please message at if you would like to mix and match 14 purees.


            Water, 30% vegetables * (carrots *, corn *), 18% boiled rice *, 8.4% turkey *, 2% rapeseed oil *, iodized salt, spices *. Without gluten. * from organic farms


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