7 Reasons to Choose Hipp formula

7 Reasons to Choose Hipp formula

I'm sure all parents have the same feeling of wanting to give only the best and healthiest food to their precious baby. Especially as the first food baby consumes after birth, parents are understandably sensitive to the selection. With this in mind, I prepared this post to help those of you who are having difficulty in choosing formula.

Hipp Organic, which has an exclusive popularity in Germany under the name of organic infant food! Hipp formula not only is the world's No.1 organic infant food chosen by parents around the world, but it is also well-known as a formula that gives the golden poop of health in the US. There are many people who are very satisfied after switching to Hipp formula from living on formula milk.

Let me explain carefully why Hipp formula has such excellent ingredients that have a positive effect on our children's health and why so many parents choose 'Hipp formula'.

Seven reasons Hipp formula is superior, starting now!

1. Grown on natural soil without using pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers Hipp produces the highest quality organic formula through organic farming without using any pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers on the soil. It checks from the soil where organic crops are cultivated to the previously cultivated crops to prevent potential problems. 

2. Hipp Formulas contain prebiotics, which are components that help the growth and regeneration of beneficial intestinal microorganisms in the human body. Prebiotics are essential for maintaining a healthy and balanced digestive system. The prebiotic-enriched Hipp formula can help baby's digestive health and alleviate the pain of baby's colic.

3.Hipp formulas are composed of proteins similar to those in breast milk, so that babies can consume the quality proteins they need while digesting and absorbing them well.

4.Hipp formulas contain palmitic acid, a saturated fat found in breast milk, which helps soften stools and assists in the absorption of fat and calcium. LCP (Omega-3, Omega-6), also known as polyunsaturated fatty acids, are important for brain, nervous system and vision development

5. Hipp formulas are rich in LCP, helping babies get the necessary quality protein and aiding digestion and absorption.

6. Vitamin D is an essential but easily deficient nutrient for babies. According to the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatrics, vitamin D supplementation should start from birth. If vitamin D is deficient, it may cause problems in bones, immune systems, respiratory systems, and even lead to obesity and overweight. Hipp formulas are rich in vitamin D, helping babies form strong bones and maintain health.

7.Hipp, who pioneered organic law in 1956, has been producing organic products since 50 years before organic law was known, and has consistently developed its products with a strong belief in organic law. Hipp has its own inspection standards for more than 260 items in addition to the standards set by the EU, and strictly tests the quality of the products with strict organic laws by cultivating raw materials. Only products that pass the test can be put into Hipp product containers and can receive Hipp organic certification.